Invisi-Gard – Ultimate Protection for your Home

Invisi-Gard – Ultimate Protection for your Home. Protection is vital for homeowners. Unfortunately, many practical solutions for protection aren’t conducive to modern design. Invisi-Gard offers a solution that incorporates real tangible protection against intruders and weather events while maintaining a feeling of openness and luxury. It creates security for those who don’t want to compromise uninterrupted views of the Gold Coast while providing protection against the outside world.


Invisi-Gard is the stainless steel security solution for proofing houses against the elements. It uses 316 Marine Grade stainless steel mesh, a fine lattice of durable material that won’t bend or snap. The same metal is used for boats and sea-bound vessels, meaning you can leave the windows open to enjoy the sea breeze without fear of rust or corrosion.

Invisi-Gard mesh is tested against sea salt, wind, water and impact resistance from flying debris. Exceeding Australian standards, you can be sure your home is secure while maintaining a minimalist look.


Security Screen with Style

The Marine Grade 316 stainless steel mesh provides security while having minimal impact on the appearance of your home. From inside your home glass doors and windows appear slightly tinted, maintaining beautiful views and allowing nature into your home. Outside, the mesh can be seen clearly at a distance, making it stylish as well as functionally safe.

The stainless steel mesh can be made to fit windows and doors of all sizes. Its ability to let in sunlight and a cool breeze makes it perfect for full-length patios, keeping your home protected while maintaining an unhindered view, that’s why we back Invisi-Gard – Ultimate Protection for your Home!


Suburban Security Screens Guarantee

Invisi-Gard guarantees its products over a 15-year warranty with certificates from extreme weather conditions tested across Australia. It’s the ideal security screen for any part of our beautiful coast.

Installation is simple and time-efficient. Our skilled team at Suburban Security Screens offer a full service, ensuring you a smooth experience. Our custom-made security screens can be fitted to most window and door openings, providing protection for every window or entrance to your home.

For further information on our products and services call (07) 5576 3799 today.

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