Invisi-Gard Security Screen Door

Security Screen Options for Your Home

Security Screen Options for Your Home

Security Screen Options for Your Home. There’s an old saying: the best offence is a good defence. The logic is simple. Rather than waiting for an intruder to break in, you should secure your home. While no security measure is 100% burglar-proof, just having some form of security can put off even the most hardened burglar. After all, they’re looking for an easy target.

That’s where Suburban Security Screens Gold Coast comes in.

Burglar alarms are one method of prevention. However, they don’t stop a burglar from actually getting in – they’re only activated once the intruder is already in your home. Nor are they foolproof – there are methods of getting around any alarm system. Security screens, on the other hand, encase your home’s entry points in a security mesh. Even the most seasoned burglars will struggle to break in. The reality is any burglar will shy away from a home with security screens and move onto a house without them.

But what are your options when buying a security screen on the Gold Coast? Read on below to find out how to best protect yourself, your family, and your possessions.


Premium Protection – Invisi-Gard

The Invisi-Gard 316 stainless steel security range is our most superior product and has been fully tested and approved in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. This product range includes Stainless Steel Security Doors and Window Screens that are not only the best in security but also aesthetically pleasing.

Mid Price Protection – Alu-Gard

The All-Aluminium security screening solution for Australian conditions. Alu-Gard is a strong (1.6mm thick) perforated aluminum sheet that is powder-coated in Australia to exacting standards. The sheet is retained in an extruded aluminum frame with our riveted aluminum infill retention system. The resulting screen is strong, extremely resistant to corrosion, and provides clarity of vision.

Cost Effective Protection – Diamond Grill

Designed to protect, built to last. Diamond Grills provide an extra barrier against unwanted intrusion while allowing unrestricted airflow and vision outdoors. All grills have a 7mm strand thickness and meet the requirements of the Australian Security Door Standard AS 5039. The finished installation is lightweight for ease of use, yet sturdy and secure.

Cost Effective Protection - Diamond Grill Security Screen

Top Tip – Know your standards

Do you want a security screen you can rely on? Want to rest easy knowing your property is secure? Then you’ll want to know if the screen you purchase meets the Australian Standards.

To meet the standards, a security screen must fit AS5039-2008 criteria and the installation standard AS5040. That way, you’ll know it’s up to the task. All of our screens are built to or exceed standards.

Final consideration: Price

With burglaries a persistent problem throughout Queensland and the Gold Coast, you need a gold standard security screen. But you don’t want to pay over the odds. Depending on the burglary rate in your area and the aesthetics you want for your home, you may want to spend more or less money. However, purchasing a high standard security screen is the best insurance you can buy.

Check our selection of security screens, the Gold Coast’s best quality available.