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We Work With Award-Winning Security Screen Door Materials

At Suburban Security Screens, we pride ourselves on using only the best, award-winning materials for our security screen doors. We understand that security doesn’t have to compromise style, which is why we’re committed to quality to providing security screens that are not only durable and robust, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Our award-winning materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers who share our dedication to quality and innovation. These materials are tested for strength, durability and resistance to the harsh Australian weather conditions. From the sturdy aluminium frames to the high-tensile stainless steel mesh, every component of our security screen doors is designed to provide optimal protection without sacrificing style or functionality.

Our Diverse Range Of Security Screen Doors

At Suburban Security Screens, we offer a diverse range of security screen doors to cater to the unique needs and preferences of our customers. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design to complement your home’s classic aesthetic or a modern style to match your contemporary decor, we have you covered.

Our range includes everything from diamond grille doors for those seeking a classic look, to sleek stainless steel mesh doors for a more modern appeal. We also offer a variety of colour options, allowing you to customise your door to match your home’s exterior. With our diverse range, you’re sure to find a security screen door that suits your style and meets your security needs.

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Security Screen Doors That Are Tried & Tested

At Suburban Security Screens, we don’t just sell security screen doors; we sell peace of mind. That’s why all our doors are rigorously tried and tested to ensure they can withstand the rigours of everyday use, as well as harsh weather conditions. We understand the importance of security for your home or business, so our products are designed to meet the highest Australian Standards.

Our Invisi-Gard and Alu-Gard screens have passed rigorous testing to ensure their durability, strength and security performance. So, when you choose Suburban Security Screens, you’re not just getting a quality product; you’re getting a tried and tested solution that will stand the test of time.

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Professional & Reliable Security Screen Door Installers

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our products to our installation services. Our team of professional installers are trained and experienced in fitting security screen doors, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance every time.

We understand that a security screen door is only as good as its installation. That’s why we take the time to do the job right, paying attention to every detail and ensuring your door is installed correctly and securely. Our installers are reliable, respectful and committed to providing excellent customer service.

At Suburban Security Screens, we’re more than just a security screen door provider; we’re your partners in security. We’re committed to providing you with the best products and services to keep your home safe and secure. So why wait? Contact us today to find out more diverse range of security screens and professional installation services.

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Custom Solutions

At Suburban Security Screens, we specialise in crafting custom security screen solutions that seamlessly integrate with the unique architecture and aesthetics of your home. Every home has its distinct character and our approach is to enhance this uniqueness with security doors that match your specific needs and style preferences.

We meticulously design our security screens to be a natural extension of your home, ensuring that they blend in effortlessly while providing the robust security that you require. Choosing a local industry expert like Suburban Security Screens means benefiting from a wealth of experience and a nuanced understanding of the local climate, architecture and design trends.

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A Residential Security Screen Door

Maintenance Of Security Screen Door

At Suburban Security Screens, we seamlessly blend customised design with enduring functionality. Our comprehensive service ensures your security screen doors not only complement your home’s aesthetics but also stand resilient through time with proper maintenance:

  • Regular Cleaning: Ensure that the security screens are cleaned regularly to remove dust and debris. A gentle wipe or wash can help maintain the appearance and functionality of the screens.
  • Inspect Frames and Locks: Periodically inspect the frames and locks for signs of wear or damage. Ensuring that these components are in good condition is crucial for the overall security provided by the doors.
  • Schedule Professional Checks: It’s advisable to schedule professional maintenance checks periodically. Our experts will assess the condition of your security screen doors, ensuring that all components are functioning optimally.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are security screen doors weather-resistant?

Absolutely! At Suburban Security Screens, our security doors are engineered to withstand diverse and harsh weather conditions. Utilising award-winning materials, such as high-tensile stainless steel mesh and robust aluminium frames, our doors offer exceptional durability and resistance against various weather elements, ensuring your home remains secure and protected throughout the seasons.

Can security screen doors be installed on various entry points, including front doors, back doors and sliding doors?

Yes, they can. We offer a versatile range of security screen doors designed to seamlessly integrate with various entry points in your home, whether it be front doors, back doors or sliding doors. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive security solution that aligns with the unique architecture and design of your home, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while bolstering security.

Are security screen doors compatible with existing home security systems?

Our security screen doors are crafted to augment your home’s overall security framework. While they act as a robust physical barrier, enhancing the security of your entry points, they can work in conjunction with other security systems you have in place. For specific compatibility information, we encourage you to contact us directly and we will provide guidance tailored to your existing security infrastructure.

How often do security screen doors require maintenance?

Our security screen doors are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance. They are rigorously tested to endure daily usage and environmental factors. However, periodic maintenance is recommended to ensure that the doors maintain their optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal. For guidance on maintenance schedules and best practices, feel free to reach out to us directly.

What kind of warranty and quality assurance are offered for security screen doors?

At Suburban Security Screens, we are committed to delivering quality and reliability. Our doors are meticulously tested to meet the highest standards, ensuring that you receive a product synonymous with excellence and durability. For detailed information regarding warranties and quality assurances, contact us and we will be happy to provide specific information aligned with our range of security screen doors.